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Submission Guidelines

A Support Group for Writers Seeking Publication

A Support Group for Submitting Manuscripts
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This Week's Assignment!

Okay, my duckies! It's assignment time! Isn't this exciting?

ASSIGNMENT #whatever this number is supposed to be!

Okay, no bold face, no fancy headings.

This week assignment is a simple question:

Why do you write?

The question is simple, the answer might not be. I want you to spend this next 7 days seriously pondering and meditating on why you write. What calls to you about your format? What sings to you about your style? Why does your voice resonate inside your own head?

Let's go back to the basics and find our purpose for picking up the pen (metaphorically speaking) in the first place.

Share you stories in the comments or as an entry in the community, but please share them.

Community Info

We write. Then we rewrite. Then we write some more. And, always, we promise ourselves that this is the piece we're going to send out, this is the piece with which we are going to start our fabulous and otherwise amazing writing career.

And then we do nothing.

Well, we do nothing no longer!

This is a community for those who want, desire, yearn, long, and other verbs of that sort, for publication. There will be assignments (more on that in a moment) and each community member will be responsible for getting the job done.

We will share our rejections, our successes, and our pathological fears about the writing process and the submission process.

About once a week, I'll set a due date. If you want to participate, be honest with yourself and us at the end of the process. Each assignment will be a baby-step towards sending something out. At the end of the process, we'll begin again. Ideally, we'll cycle through the process about once a month, so that we are constantly sending things out.

Editors, hear us! We will succeed!

A Letter To New Members

What Are We Doing Here?

I write.

It might even be said that I write a lot.

But, with all of these words floating everywhere around me, the process of submitting things for publication is still a frightening one. And when I'm frightened, I -- much like the noble ostrich -- put my head in the sand and hope it will go away.

Of course, this is not the path to publication.

And so, because I believe in the power of peer pressure, I've created a new community for people who want to send stuff out but, for whatever reason, have not managed to do it all by their lonesome.

submissionguide That's where we are right now. The floors are still clean and we all have a sense of optimism. We all rejoice at the possibility that the future holds.

That's the attitude I'd like to hang on to. The encouraging voice that's whispering to me about how a lot of really bad stuff gets published every year and I at least write as well as all of that. Right now, this place is filled with hope.

It's all brand new and shiny.

Of course, as we go about this process, we will experience rejection. And when I am all alone, opening my mail to anonymous slips of paper that tell me I'm not good enough, I get discouraged. Indeed, there are moments when I want to quit. And because I have mastered not only a fine turn of phrase but procrastination as well, my next round of submissions gets put off. By a week. A month. A year.

Which is, I'm thoroughly convinced, why I'm not a best selling author right this very minute.

Writing, and its trials and rewards, can be a solitary endeavor. This community is an effort to make it a little less solitary, a little more like you're writing in a room full of people who want to see you succeed and who want to succeed themselves. And, of course, we're all being very quiet, so as not to disturb those of us who need quiet to write.

Our assignments will be posted on Wednesdays. Probably in the afternoon. Keep your eyes open, on the ball, and all those other euphemisms for being attentive. We're going to get a good, quick start and then we're going to keep that momentum going.

Don't be intimidated. And if you don't want to join in on the first round, or if you feel that the assignment won't help you, that's fine. You are still welcome here. Tell us what IS working for you, what's motivating you to send stuff out and to keep sending stuff out.

Share your rejections, copy and paste your rejection letters if you want. Do please keep in mind that we might want to change the names to protect the innocent. Or not, if they're really guilty.

Share your acceptances, please oh please. We'll all be strengthened by your success. Or, at the very least, get really jealous and get our tails in gear so we have something similar to post soon.

Share whatever you like, but please keep it on topic. We're about the submission process here. Not your kitten. Though I'm sure your kitten is amazingly cute.

We're going to get ourselves published. Oh, yes we are.

I'm all a-tingle!