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I'm working on this and I'm not sure if it is good or not?

For countless of centuries after the Great Vampire War, the Vampire world has been in disarray, unfortunately for a human girl named Kelsa, a nearby vampire lord decides to make her his. Her world is thrown upside down as the politics of the vampire world and her own come crashing down around her.
The Storyteller's tale is a dark romance adventure that is set in the far future of Earth.
Kelsa, in hopes of salvaging her own sense of somewhat of a normal life, she waits on the road that goes near her farm to hire a passing vampire hunter. Hoping the vampire hunter will slay the vampire lord. She has yet to learn that it is never that simple, and the hunter she hired knows more about what's going on than she does. To make the right choices is never easy, and for Kelsa they are even harder. To fight a battle with little hope of winning or to leave the world she knows behind. The only certainty is that nothing will be the same ever again for her or her brother.
But when Chester, the town womanizer who wants Kelsa's farm, reveals to the town what happened to her, her life gets even more complicated as the townspeople want her driven from her farm in fear of their own daughters may be next on the menu of the vampire.
The townspeople and Kelsa learn about the politics of the Vampires when Koranad, the huntress reassures the townspeople that the vampire lord is only after Kelsa for if he was after more than just her their daughters would have been visited and bitten as well. On the same thread, she gives a warning to the townspeople that if Kelsa is turned to become a vampire, one word from her lips would send the army of the vampire lord out across the land and slay all who chased her from her farm, they leave with a healthy respect for Kelsa and fear of the vampire lord.
But in the end, Kelsa's decision is one that she never thought she would decide on, after finding out that her current boyfriend had once again cheated on her, she realizes that Nazan, the vampire lord never cheated on her and was faithful to her the entire time.

That's all I got but I'm not sure if it sounds good or not.
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