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Question about submissions

Hello all. A few months ago I had lots of questions about submitting manuscripts and you all helped me a lot. I submitted to Daw but the ms. was rejected for being not marketable enough for their audience. It was a nice letter and I totally got it. Between then and now I have redone the ms. and am ready to send it out again. Three weeks ago I suddenly lost my beloved Dad. It made me wish so badly that I'd gotten this ms. out there earlier so he could have been proud of me. Well anyway. I'm ready to try again.

My question this time is another naive one:

When you send a ms. or the synopsis / first three chapters or any ms. package out to a publisher, just how much do they frown upon you sending your package out to more than one company? Penguin is accepting email queries with a three-month wait period. TOR wants the synopsis / first three chapters with a four month wait period. I've got a few publishers in mind I'd like to try this time, but dang it all, it would be so much better if I could submit to more than one at a time.

Is that acceptable to publishers, or is there some kind of taboo against that?

Any help would be most appreciated.
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I'm working on this and I'm not sure if it is good or not?

For countless of centuries after the Great Vampire War, the Vampire world has been in disarray, unfortunately for a human girl named Kelsa, a nearby vampire lord decides to make her his. Her world is thrown upside down as the politics of the vampire world and her own come crashing down around her.
The Storyteller's tale is a dark romance adventure that is set in the far future of Earth.
Kelsa, in hopes of salvaging her own sense of somewhat of a normal life, she waits on the road that goes near her farm to hire a passing vampire hunter. Hoping the vampire hunter will slay the vampire lord. She has yet to learn that it is never that simple, and the hunter she hired knows more about what's going on than she does. To make the right choices is never easy, and for Kelsa they are even harder. To fight a battle with little hope of winning or to leave the world she knows behind. The only certainty is that nothing will be the same ever again for her or her brother.
But when Chester, the town womanizer who wants Kelsa's farm, reveals to the town what happened to her, her life gets even more complicated as the townspeople want her driven from her farm in fear of their own daughters may be next on the menu of the vampire.
The townspeople and Kelsa learn about the politics of the Vampires when Koranad, the huntress reassures the townspeople that the vampire lord is only after Kelsa for if he was after more than just her their daughters would have been visited and bitten as well. On the same thread, she gives a warning to the townspeople that if Kelsa is turned to become a vampire, one word from her lips would send the army of the vampire lord out across the land and slay all who chased her from her farm, they leave with a healthy respect for Kelsa and fear of the vampire lord.
But in the end, Kelsa's decision is one that she never thought she would decide on, after finding out that her current boyfriend had once again cheated on her, she realizes that Nazan, the vampire lord never cheated on her and was faithful to her the entire time.

That's all I got but I'm not sure if it sounds good or not.
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Synopsis help.

I'm asked to write a synopsis of The Storyteller's tale and send the first three chapters of the story to an agent.

I was always told that a synopsis should not be no more than half of a page and yet I see synopsis that are over two pages.

The agent didn't state how many pages they want for the sysnopsis, so should I just go with two pages and double space it or go for a page and one line space?

Or should I just wing the whole thing and give the agent one page sysnopsis and hope for the best or go full out and do two pages long or longer?

Thank you,
Beth Brownell
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Word count to the nearest zero or actual amount?

I tend to round it to the nearest zero, but wouldn't the publisher or agent be more thrilled if they knew exactly how many words to expect to find in the manuscript?

I have been told go to the nearest zero and then I'm told by someone else give them the correct amount of words.

Which should I do - round it to the nearest zero or give them the correct amount? The reason why is my manuscript For the Love of Abdullah, is rounded to the nearest zero which is actually a lower count than it actually is by fifty or sixty words and I want to make sure that they know how many words is in the manuscript.
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Hi, new member here.

My name is Beth, I'm 38 years old and I've been writing original fiction for more than two decades and never published. I'm hoping that will be changing very soon.

I hope to meet new friends in the realm of writers.

And I have a query that I'm actually not sure is perfect but I'm hoping someone here will let me know if it is perfect or not so I can get it dealt with before I send it on its way.

This is what I have down from several old query letters that I have done in the past. I know this probably could be changed a bit but people say one page query letters and this is a one page query letter that basically tells you everything that happens in the novel.

Here's the newly edited query.Collapse )

I think I finally got it as good as possible, hopefully. I'm a bit wordy with my sentences. I have changed the manuscript title from The Sheik and the Rider to For the Love of Abdullah.
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Querying Protocol

Here's a quick question--what's the protocol on ongoing queries after a partial's been requested? My guess is that it's probably fine, since there's no request for exclusivity, but it feels a little different than simultaneous queries.

So one agent requested a partial, and I still have outstanding queries on the book. If one of them asks for a partial too, I can send it (so long as they don't need exclusivity.) Can I reasonably keep querying new agents, or ought I to give the one agent who requested a partial at least a week or so before I send out more queries? (In an ideal world, an agent would get to the story in a week or so. This particular agent is actually supposed to be pretty good on turnaround times, so I'm hopeful.)
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What does exclusively mean?

An agent has just asked for a partial mss of my first novel, exclusively. What does that mean? Another agent has asked for a partial earlier this month, and she got it, no mention of exclusivity. What do I do now?

*googles  frantically*
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Does a "Yahoo" email address look unprofessional?

On one of my submissions, I found the rejection a week later in my "junk mail" folder. Now I keep worrying that I might miss an acceptance when clearing out the junk folder.

Do you think it would look unprofessional to send submissions from a Yahoo email address? My ISP uses Yahoo for email services, and I can set up Yahoo addresses that don't go through the spam filter. The email I've been using is @my ISP, instead of @yahoo.
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NaNo NaNo!

This isn't technically a submission, but it IS (or can be) a serious kick in the pants to get writing again - and thus submitting again, so I hope it's allowed. If not, delete away! :)

Woot. It's October and you know what that means - the annual stampede to signup for the annual insanity that is National Novel Writing Month. Right now, it's not so much a stampede as a trickle - the swathes of grassland barely rustling under the foot traffic - but soon, ah soon, you'll be able to track the paths of the Nano-ers like so many herds of buffalo.

So yes. I signed up. And to those of you on my friendslist, I extend the following challenge.

Hello Friends,

You've been challenged by Cait to write an entire novel in the month of November.

Think you're up to the challenge? Come to http://www.nanowrimo.org and prove it!

Seriously, it's so much more fun when you have friends to meet up with and write with, or sprint with online. So sign up now! Please?? 

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