JulesKD (la_belle_laide) wrote in submissionguide,

Question about submissions

Hello all. A few months ago I had lots of questions about submitting manuscripts and you all helped me a lot. I submitted to Daw but the ms. was rejected for being not marketable enough for their audience. It was a nice letter and I totally got it. Between then and now I have redone the ms. and am ready to send it out again. Three weeks ago I suddenly lost my beloved Dad. It made me wish so badly that I'd gotten this ms. out there earlier so he could have been proud of me. Well anyway. I'm ready to try again.

My question this time is another naive one:

When you send a ms. or the synopsis / first three chapters or any ms. package out to a publisher, just how much do they frown upon you sending your package out to more than one company? Penguin is accepting email queries with a three-month wait period. TOR wants the synopsis / first three chapters with a four month wait period. I've got a few publishers in mind I'd like to try this time, but dang it all, it would be so much better if I could submit to more than one at a time.

Is that acceptable to publishers, or is there some kind of taboo against that?

Any help would be most appreciated.
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