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Hi, new member here.

My name is Beth, I'm 38 years old and I've been writing original fiction for more than two decades and never published. I'm hoping that will be changing very soon.

I hope to meet new friends in the realm of writers.

And I have a query that I'm actually not sure is perfect but I'm hoping someone here will let me know if it is perfect or not so I can get it dealt with before I send it on its way.

This is what I have down from several old query letters that I have done in the past. I know this probably could be changed a bit but people say one page query letters and this is a one page query letter that basically tells you everything that happens in the novel.

I've decided to go short and to the point with the query.

Editor/Agent's name

Dear ,

I am seeking representation for my completed 68,500-word contemporary romance adventure manuscript, For the Love of Abdullah. This story is a multicultural romance; the leading male is Arabian, while the leading lady is American. It would be perfect for your Romance line.

For the Love of Abdullah, is a turbulent romance that begins in America with Alexandra Storm saving a young Arab child, Laila and then disappearing into the crowd before anyone could get her name. Laila’s father, the Sheik Abdullah, accidentally finds her at a riding stable when he takes his daughter to ride desert-bred Arabian horses. He invites her to trade some of her horses for his horses at his home in the mountains of Arabia, when they start to find themselves attracted to each other.

Now in Arabia, their love is set against the exotic and dramatic background of a very harsh seven-day horse race. The love that is now forming between them is compounded by the shocking revelation of who was behind the sudden death of Abdullah’s wife years before by the hand of her own sister Cenobia. Who will win the heart of Abdullah - Cenobia or Alexandra, who has ties to his family via his late brother Sharif and the family's mighty stallion, Haidar?

I am a member of Writer’s Circle, a huge writers’ group on yahoo group for the last year, and I've been researching my craft for the last several years. I have four years experience of showing horses in the early 80’s before I retired my mare after her last show. This is my first novel.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

my name
phone number

I think I finally got it as good as possible, hopefully. I'm a bit wordy with my sentences. I have changed the manuscript title from The Sheik and the Rider to For the Love of Abdullah.
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