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querying agents

I'm preparing query letters for agents, and was hoping for some feedback on the synopsis part. It's pretty short, but I'll still put it behind a cut.

In a world where magic is commonplace, even an ordinary bard can sometimes predict the future.
Jasper the Jubilant senses his brother's impending death but is helpless to prevent it. Haunted by
guilt, Jasper defies tradition in order to raise his brother's orphans himself. When his landlady
throws him out and his sister arrives demanding the return of the children, Jas has no one to turn
to except Madi. Brave, generous, beautiful Madi has always treated Jas as a friend and a
welcome bedmate, though she scorns any talk of love. For his part, Jas hides his true feelings
from her.

Unable to resist playing the gallant knight to Jasper's damsel in distress, Madi welcomes him and
the children into her home. She has troubles of her own, though. Her feline familiar pulls a
corpse from a river, and no one but Madi cares how it got there. Madi tries to focus on the
murder, but she finds herself drawn into Jasper's problems instead. Soon she is willing to use all
her skills and magic to ensure that the children have a happy future with Jas. To her surprise, she
longs to share that future, if only she can find the courage to believe in his love.

Also, the novel falls into something of a niche subcategory--romantic fantasy--and I'm having a hard time find agents that rep similar works. I've looked at agentquery.com and ferreted out the agents for my favorite authors. Any suggestions on where else I should look?
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